How to Read Your Wife’s Text Messages Online?

Track/Monitor Your Wife’s Text Messages Phone: Does your wife leave everything to attend to the message beep on her phone? Do you always find her texting all day every day? If your wife’s obsessive texting is triggering doubts in you, you must know that text messages have evolved over time and now are the most preferred way of communication. You can douse your doubts in the current times with spy applications that allow checking text messages. Spy applications such as Minspy have become extremely popular over time with their superb functions and text checking abilities. Even if you tend to directly read your wife’s inbox, it would be a crafty list of only fine-looking text messages.

Read your Wife's Text Messages
Read your Wife’s Text Messages

Everyone has a tendency to delete messages that can get them in trouble. Here, you will read about the most efficient way to read your wife’s text messages.

Minspy: Best Text Reader App

Minspy is a superb spy application. As you click this, you will be able to catch your spouse’s message in a very discrete and remote manner. Even if she is deleting her messages, you will still be able to see everything she is typing, her drafts, or media shares through the texts.

The secrecy maintained in the text reading is certainly the highlight of the app. You don’t get caught in the process. No one using Minspy even leaves room for the slightest of doubt or suspicion. Minspy’s secret is the super-efficient stealth mode that allows its users to function with secrecy.

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Minspy Better than Other Tracking Apps

With the growth of the spy app industry and the proliferating demand for such apps, a lot of technology giants have joined the bandwagon. Despite there being an influx of spy apps, Minspy manages to be different, unique, and most cost-efficient spy app. Minspy retains its core purpose and doesn’t allow any malware or phishing tools to enter into the system because of it. The application has a range of monthly plans to choose from. From basic, and premium to family plans, each plan has a pertinent function to perform.

Data Secrecy

Data secrecy and security is a very prime concern to most of the spy app users. They do not want their personal data to be stored and they do not even want the retention of data of their wife’s messages. Minspy understands this and caters to this issue in the best way possible.

The secrecy is so intact with Minspy that even the app’s own employees do not have access to the user data. They can not just extract user information according to their willingness. This has made Minspy a very reliable app that is loved by spy app users globally.

Least Registration Requirements with Minspy

We often refrain from joining any plan or app because of the apprehension of giving in too many details or additional requirements. Minspy keeps things extremely simple. You do not need to give any information on and about yourself. Just with an email ID, you can begin reading your wife’s texts.

Step Wise Process of Reading Your Wife’s Messages

Whether your wife is using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can read her messages whatever the platform be. From registration till the final outcome, the process is too simple and can be explained in the below mentioned stepwise procedures:

Step 1: Registration

First, you register on the official site of Minspy through your email ID. That is it, no further requirements of linking your Facebook, Twitter, or linked in account to it. With just an email ID, you can begin your spy journey with Minspy.

Step 2: Plan Selection

Second, you browse through the monthly plans available on Minspy. As it turns out, Minspy has a plethora of interesting and peculiar plans that offer one benefit or the other.  You can buy a plan that suits you best.

Step 3: Set up and Installation

Now, as and when you purchase the plan that you like, you will receive a setup link. By clicking on the Setup wizard, you will receive the on-screen instructions. Just follow the instructions and you would install the software super swiftly.

Step 4: Linkage

Once the app is downloaded and signed in, you would be asked to select the target platform. If your wife uses an iPhone, you select iOS. If your wife uses an Android phone, you select Android.

Linking iOS to Minspy

Linking your wife’s iPhone to Minspy would be one of the simplest things you do. The linkage can be done and dusted in less than 5 minutes and that’s not even the best part. The highlight of linking Minspy to your wife’s iPhone is that it can be done in a totally remote manner.

Your wife could be anywhere in the world and you could still see her text messages. All you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of your wife’s iPhone. As and when you state the iCloud ID and password, you would successfully link Minspy to the target iPhone.

minspy for teck your wife

Immediately upon the linkage, you would be led to the dashboard of Minspy and you can view your wife’s messages almost immediately.

Linking Android to Minspy

Android devices by their very rules need a little bit of exercise. Android has stern rules and regulations that govern all spy apps, and Minspy is no exception to the fact. No app can provide remote access to the target Android phone without downloading the app on the phone first.

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Therefore, this rule necessitates Minspy to be downloaded to your wife’s Android phone. But, this is only a one-time requirement and there is also a very key trick here. The application on purpose has been designed to weigh only 2 MB.

The trick is that you hide Minspy as and when you download it. After being hidden, the app will not be found, seen, or even heard on your wife’s phone. It will just go on a perennially incognito mode and will not even show in the library of apps. Even if you want to remove the Minspy app from the phone in the future, you can do so directly from the app dashboard.


It is utterly simple to catch your spouse’s messages with an app as simplistic and efficient as Minspy. No wonder that the app serves over a million users around the world. When spying on your loved ones, you can’t just trust any app off the internet. Minspy is the most trustworthy name in spy applications and its reputation stands as a testimony to its awesome features. Undoubtedly, it is the most time and cost-efficient app ever.

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