5 Best Ways to Protect Your Child – By Tracking the Phone

Track Your Child Mobile Phone: Are you worried about your kid’s safety? It is common as every parent wants to make sure their kids are safe outside. Many parental control applications help parents to keep track of their kids. However, those applications are of no use when your child does not want you to track them. So, what can you do in that case? Well, many solutions can help you out.

Today, we are going to share the 5 best ways to protect your child without touching their phone. These applications allow you to check the location, messages, and call logs of your kid’s device remotely. Additionally, you do not even need to root or jailbreak your kid’s device. So, let’s start and know more about these applications.

Track Your Child Mobile Phone

Tip: You can read this post to understand how phone monitoring works.

5 Best Software to Protect your Child


teensafe to protect your child

TeenSafe is the first choice of every parent for tracking their kid’s device. TeenSafe’s online application provides the technology to access any android or iPhone device remotely. Additionally, there is no root or jailbreak included in this application. That is the reason why a million users trust this application. Additionally, Forbes mentioned it as one of the best applications to stay updated with your child’s online activities.

It works by installing a secret application on your kid’s Android device. It will upload their location and messages on your online account. There you can check their real-time location and read all the messages you want.

Why Go For this Application?

TeenSafe’s application is easy to use and provides a complete solution for phone tracking. Additionally, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to build trust among its users. Hence, it is a great platform to try phone monitoring services to protect your child from cyberbullying.


track your child phone

Spyic is one of the most relevant phone monitoring applications for parents. It comes with a parental control feature that makes it much easier to track your child’s activities. However, parental control is way more advanced than regular applications.

With this feature, you can track the activities of your kid’s device without letting them know. Additionally, you can check all the installed applications on their device remotely. The advanced location tracker is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this platform. You can track your kid’s location, even if their GPS is turned off. It uses their SIM location to keep you updated with their real-time location.

Who Choose Spyic?

Spyic’s application works as a parental control feature for parents and guardians. Hence, it is a better solution to monitor a kid’s activities. Additionally, you get some better deals on the membership plans to monitor multiple devices.


minspy app to monitor your child

If you are concerned about your kid’s online activities, then you can use Minspy to track them. It is one of the first applications that offered phone monitoring services to its users. In the last few years, Minspy’s website has introduced some of the most advanced features.

This application does not require any root or jailbreak to work. Additionally, you do not need to install any application on the targeted iPhone device either. All you need is to enter their iCloud credentials on the online device to verify it. Check its website to know more about how you can utilize its services to protect your child.

Who Choose Minspy?

Minspy is preferred by parents who lack technical knowledge. It is because the website offers a simple user interface for its customers. All you need is to follow their instructions or watch their tutorial video setup application. Hence, if you lack technical knowledge and require a simple solution, then Minspy is the right app for you.


Here is another excellent application to protect your child online. Spyine works as a phone tracking tool to keep you updated with your kid’s location. Additionally, you can check the messages and browsing history of your kid’s device. This application has a record of having more than a million active users.

The application is entirely safe to use. Its server encrypts all the data that you receive on your online account. No one can access that data unless they have your account credentials.

You can find some of the most popular phone tracking tools on this platform. It includes a location tracker, message reader, stealth mode, and dozens of other tools.

Why Choose Spyine?

Parents can choose Spyine to monitor their kid’s online activities. Additionally, it is more secure than any other phone monitoring application on the market. Hence, you can go with this application to get a complete solution with top security.


fonemonitor app to track child

Here is the last but not least application on our list. FoneMonitor’s application works privately to help you track your kid’s activities. It is helpful when your kids are not ready to share their social accounts and location with you. The stealth mode of this application ensures that you stay invisible while monitoring their devices.

The website of this application is user-oriented and works to improve your experience. You just need to follow three easy steps to protect your child online. These steps are- Registration, Phone Verification, and Monitoring. After completing the steps, you can keep yourself updated with your kid’s activities.

Who Choose FoneMonitor?

Users can choose FoneMonitor to get a powerful solution to monitor devices. Additionally, it has a 60-day guarantee, and you can claim your money-back, in case you are not satisfied with the services. You can also check their website to get a demo of their features.

Final Words:

You no longer need to worry about your kid’s whereabouts with the above applications. All these applications are capable of helping you track your kid’s activities. You can check the specialty of all these applications to know which one suits your requirements. However, you can always choose TeenSafe as a complete phone monitoring solution. It is the preferred application of millions of active users for phone tracking. You can check the official website of TeenSafe to get an idea of how this application works. It has a sample device on the website that can be used to check its features.

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