5 Tips That Help You to Track Your Kid’s iPhone Activities

Tips to Track iPhone Activities: Kids are the most beloved creatures on this planet. They’re sweet, innocent, and sometimes naughty as well. As they grow up, hormonal changes make their personality-wise or wild based upon their upbringing.  It’s a moral duty of the parents to be aware of everything their children do when they’re on the phone. Unfortunately, not every parent takes responsibility. Many of them may check their kid’s phones randomly, and their kids are well mindful of this act of spying.

track kid's iphone activities

Having trust in your kids is a good thing, but not observing their daily activities on smartphones is not a good habit. Try using spy apps like FoneMonitor to have an eye on their daily activities.

Tips and tricks to spot your kid’s iPhone ventures

You might like spying but not doing it because it’s illegal, right? You don’t need to be worried about it anymore, as you have the legal right to use FoneMonitor, visit this page to track kid’s iPhone affairs.

fonemonitor app for iphone

Install a Spy App/Software

FoneMonitor is the best spy application out there in the market that allows you to monitor the activities of your child on the iPhone as well as trace their location. Why should you use FoneMonitor and not any other spy app?

The benefits are simple: FoneMonitor gives you instant access to their iPhones without any delays. You can check their browser history, track calls and locations, view insights of galleries, and many more.

To track their iPhone activities, go to the official site of FoneMonitor  & create an account. Now provide the iCloud credentials of the targeted phone & strat viewing their activities through the FoneMonitor dashboard.

fonemonitor app for iphone

Furthermore, FoneMonitor allows you to get access to your kid’s iPhones without touching it. The services of FoneMonitor are super secretive, and no kid can get an idea that their parents are spying on him/her.

Set screen time limits

Screen time limits are the ones that can help you without causing you any hill of beans. You need to add your kid to family sharing and set a screen limit time of your wish. Simply go to the settings, and open screen time, here you can set rules for your kid’s iPhone usage.

This feature will allow you to get weekly reports on the activities of your kids, for instance: how many hours he was on the screen and using a particular app. Follow this outstanding built-in feature from the iPhone.

Change privacy and content restrictions

Changing the settings and privacy is not as complicated as it looks. Just need to follow three steps, and you’re in control of their iPhones. First, tap on the settings and select screen time. Second, when you go with the continue button, it’ll ask whether it’s your device or your child’s.

Go with the second one and put your id and passwords over there that are only known to yourself. Third, tap on content and privacy restrictions and enter your passcode to turn it on for proper observation.

Check on Web Content

One of the most annoying reasons for spying to your kids is the adult content. There’s no single parent on this planet who’s not worried about the habit of watching unethical content of their kids. But there’s no need to be concerned about it anymore.

iOS has a built-in feature to filter adult websites and applications on their phones automatically. You can also add some names of the websites that you don’t want to be accessed by your kids. Go to settings and tap on the content restrictions feature.

Enter your passcode and restrict the web content and enter the allowed websites only. It’s going to depend on the access you allow to your kids, which means you have the control of the websites as well.

Put Restrictions on Game Center

There are millions of adult games out there that are damaging your kids’ mental as well as physical health. These games are another cause of worry for the parents. But you can control them as well. Go to the setting and touch the screen time to restrict the content.

Go down to the game center and make changes according to your needs. It gives the option to prevent multiplayer games. Also, restrict third parties engaged in a particular game.


By giving it the last word, we can say that parents have got more responsibilities with the advancement in technology. They need to be careful and watch their kids not only in their studies but in their mobile phone activities as well.  You can use the features mentioned above that are built-in, and you’ll not be liable to pay anything.

If you go for a good spy app, then there’s no better option than FoneMonitor. They are trusted by millions of users around the world and have a legal license to operate beyond borders. Give them a try to spend quality time at your office, picnics, and friends without bothering about our kid’s activities on the phone.

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