Kodi Apk for Android Smart TV/ Firestick TV/ PC Free Download

Kodi Apk for Android TV/PC Download: Hello friend! First of all, we welcome you to our tech solution blog. We provide all your questions about the latest technologies. Thank you for choosing our post for your search. Here in this article, we will go into detail on how to use the Kodi apk on Android TV and PC? Do you want to spend your free time in the best entertainment application? The Kodi app is the one that suits you. Kodi apk is one of the best TV/video streaming application there are many applications in the Internet market for entertainment but the Kodi app is a unique application with many advanced options and features.

Kodi on the android Tv app is the best video player and the best entertainment hub. It is a free open source cross-platform software. Okay, let’s look at the steps to install Kodi Apk on android TV and PC.

Kodi apk for Android TV

Kodi app for Android TV

About Kodi Apk on Android TV/PC

Kodi apk for Android TV

Kodi is a complete entertainment media player and you do not have to pay any fee to use this app because it is a free application. This application is also an open-source media player. It can be found in many categories such as movies, TV shows, music, videos, and weather. XBMC Foundation, a technology consortium, has launched the Kodi app.

They created it for no profit. This app allows you to combine other entertainment applications as needed. This app can be used to view all new movies and world shows. This application is available for Android, Windows and iOS users. This app made more than 10 million downloads in only Google play store app and it has 4.2 users ratings. Okay, before getting into the download steps of Kodi apk on TV just try to know its features listed below.

Key Features of Kodi App for Android TV

The Kodi app for Android TV/PC has many advanced features and we have listed those highlights below. They are as follows.

Kodi apk for Android TV
    • The Kodi PC app is totally a free entertainment application for all platform devices.
    • It is an open-source media player and it supports most of the TV apps and add-ons.
    • It is also known as the Power House Media because it supports most of the online streaming apps.
      Kodi apk for Android TV
    • This is a good entertainment app for all types of users. The Graphical user interface (GUI) of Kodi apk allows you to easily search and view your favorite content.
    • It can be used on all types of devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile.
    • Kodi on a smart TV is used to watch as many videos as you like, your favorite movies and shows.
      Kodi apk for Android TV
    • All the videos you see through this app are high-quality videos and those are not their own content of the Kodi app so you need to provide your own content from your local storage or any online streaming services.
    • It will allow you to watch more live shows right away and this app also allows you to use other apps if you wish to use them such as Hotstar, Netflix, Youtube, Jio TV and much more.
    • Since this is a pure entertainment app it allows you to install third-party plugins so you can easily get contents from free streaming apps. 
    • The Kodi app on Android TV doesn’t have any affiliations so you will not get affected by the annoying ads.
    These are all the main advanced features of the Kodi app. Okay, let’s look at the steps to install Kodi on Android smart TV and Windows PC.

    How to Install Kodi App on Android Smart TV?

    Installing an android app on Android smart TV is usually the same as installing it on an Android mobile. The Kodi app should be installed on Android TV by using the below steps. Android TV is a smart TV with all the features available on Android Mobile. Specifically, Android TV is a large screen Android mobile so you can watch your favorite TV shows with your family. The Kodi app can be installed through the Google Play Store app or through official Kodi websites. We consider security and tell you the steps to install this app via the Google Play Store. Here are the steps for installing Kodi apk on Android TV:
      • First, you need to connect the internet to your Android smart TV.
      • Then open the Google Play Store app.
      • Type “Kodi” in the top search bar and let it search.
      • Once the Kodi application is available, You should select the correct app.
      • Now you need to click the “Install”  button to start the installation of the Kodi app on the TV.
      • You need to click “OK” to allow permission to run the Kodi app without any disturbances.
      • Now the Kodi app will start downloading on Android TV.
      • Once the download is complete, the installation will begin automatically.
      • Once you have installed the Kodi application, you can start using it and watch your favorite videos on your android smart TV.
      These are all the steps to install the Kodi app on Android TV. Now let’s look at the steps to install Kodi on Windows PC/laptop.

      Steps to Install Kodi on Windows PC:

      This Kodi is one of the best media player application and this is available for most of the platform devices. Kodi is available for the below platform devices.

      kodi for android smart tv
      • Kodi apk for Android,
      • Download Kodi for Windows PC, 
      • Kodi apk for Mac,
      • Kodi for iOS,
      • Kodi apk for Rasberry Pi and so on.
      Okay, let’s look at the steps to install Kodi app on PC/laptop. The Kodi.exe file is available on the official website so you can download and install the Kodi on PC directly. If you want to use the Kodi apk features on PC then you need to install the Kodi apk file on PC with the help of an Android emulator. Download and install an android emulator (Bluestacks/Nox app player) on PC and install the Kodi apk file from the Google play store app.
      Once you have installed the Kodi apk file on PC using the Bluestacks app player, you can easily watch any video streaming content on PC Windows.


      The Kodi app can be easily installed on Android TV and PC. This app is a purely entertaining application for all users and It has the best user interface for all kinds of users. It can be used to watch all the movies and TV shows you want. It also helps you watch live performances so, this app helps you to watch movies with your family. We hope that the instructions we have outlined for installing the Kodi app on Android TV/PC are useful. So use the steps we just mentioned and share your experience with us. Thank you for your visit guys.
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