LIC Child Career Plan – Reviews, Features & Benefits

LIC Child Career Plan: Hello my friend happy to welcome you to our fox tech zone blog. Here in this post, we provide you with the full details of the LIC child career plan and its benefits. Every child will think that their parents need to create security for that child’s future. As a result, they can save an asset or bank account to create as much financial security as they can. As a result, children’s education, marriage, and other needs are set up for their future. The LIC child career plan is a method of creating financial security for the benefit of children like this.

When considering pursuing an MBA colleges in USA, there are various options available from reputable MBA colleges. Through this program, you can use your financial aid to help children in times of danger. This LIC child career plan is one of the best policies from LIC so don’t wait just read the complete post and get a career policy for your child. Okay now, let’s look at the LIC child career plan in detail.

LIC Child Career Plan
LIC Child Career Plan


About LIC Child Career Plan?


The LIC child career plan is an endowment program created for the benefit of a child. Upon the death of the insured person in times of danger, the sum assured and the bonus amount is immediately paid to the recommended person. However, if the child exceeds the full term, he will receive a 105 percent payment. Perhaps five years before the policy expires, he will receive 30 percent of the sum assured and a simple reverse bonus. In addition, he would receive a 15 percent guaranteed amount, ranging from four years to one year before the policy term.

The policy then matures and then receives the remaining 15% of the sum plus the final additional bonus amount. Joining the program is a small act that is intended to benefit your children. But its usefulness is unexpected. You can create a protective shield for your child after you fear the future. This plan has been chosen by most of the users because of its features and benefits. Now let’s discuss the main features of this LIC child career plan below.

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Key Features of LIC Child Career Plan:

  • The LIC Child Plan provides risk cover for the child’s future not only during the policy term but also seven years after maturity.
  • 15% of the sum assured is payable from five years to one year before the end of the policy term.
  • This policy offers 15 percent of the final bonus amount for maturity benefit.
  • The additional ride is discounted on more premium charges.
  • If the child is above the full term, he can get 105%.
These are all the main features of the LIC child career plan. Let us now discuss the benefits of this LIC child career policy.

Benefits of LIC Child Career Plan:

Death Benefit: In the event of the death of the insurer, he/she will be given the sum assured plus the bonus amount. In the event of the death of the insured before the onset of the child accident, the prescriber will receive a 3% interest annually on all basic premiums paid.

Survival Benefit: He will receive 15% of the sum assured plus a simple reverse bonus amount from five years to one year before the child’s policy expiration date.

Maturity Benefit: Upon maturity of the policy, the remaining 15% will be paid plus the final additional bonus.

Income Tax Benefits: Under section 80C up to Rs. 100000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year.

Using these benefits parents can create financial security for the future of their children. They will have no difficulty with their children.

Condition and Restrictions in LIC Child Career Plan:


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This is how the LIC child career plan works. The benefit is set in a simple and beneficial way for all families. The program is designed to meet the education, marriage and other needs of the child and create financial security for the future of the child after the parents. This makes them look like a protective shield for their children even after they die. We hope that all parents will take full advantage of this plan and take advantage of it for the benefit of their child’s future.
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