How to Remove Tineco Handle?

If we look at the construction of the Tineco vacuum cleaner, it consists of several hardware parts. The handle is one of the most important parts of the body to hold and move in the desired direction for cleaning. Almost all the Tineco vacuum come with detachable handles. What if the handle is not detachable and you want to open it? There are several chances of damaging it by opening it in the wrong way. Don’t worry! This guide will address the procedure for safely removing the Tineco handle from its body. Let’s begin!

Tineco Handle

Role of Handle in Tineco Vacuum Cleaners

If we talk about the vacuum evaluation, they came with a freely movable vacuum pipe previously. As the evaluation of technology, they now come in a surprisingly durable and portable design. The bottom housing contains the fan, dust bag, and brush roller. The upper part is known as a handle, which is used to grip, maneuver, and control the direction of the cleaner. In short, the handle acts like a joystick to move the main body under the couch, cabinet, and anywhere in the room for cleaning.

Tineco Handle-1

How to Remove Tineco Handle in Simple Steps

The following steps work for all Tineco models, including the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Smart Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. To prevent any issues, we recommend you analyze the construction and read the instruction manual before following these steps.

Step 1: First, keep the cleaner in front of you. Make sure the lighting is proper and the screws are visible.

Step 2: Bring a screwdriver and start screwing the screws from the outer joint cover attached to the handle.

Step 3: Always unscrew the middle screw first and then the others. Keep one hand to grab the handle.

Step 4: Now pull the handle gently, and it will be separated from the main body.

Step 5: Congrats! You have done the job.

How to Remove the Tineo S5 Handle?

Recall that the construction may change the procedure to detach the handle. Check out the quick handle removal procedure of the Tineco S5 cleaner:

  • First, follow the instructions available in the manual to prevent issues.
  • To remove the main body from the handle, press the spring on the bottom of the handle. You can do it with your thumb, but if not, you can use a screwdriver gently.
  • Now the attachments have been separated internally. Pull the handle and separate it completely from the body.

Some Tips

If you are going to detach the Tineco handle, follow these tips.

  • Always apply even pressure and hold the handle while unscrewing it. If the cleaner has a button, press it gently.
  • While pulling the handle out, have a strong grip on the body (lower part) of the cleaner.
  • Detach the wires if the handle has and it’s recommended to read the instruction manual for the specific cleaner model you have.
  • Always read the instructions before doing anything.
  • If it’s damaged for any reason, inspect it thoroughly or take it to the repair shop to prevent further problems.
  • While reinstalling the handle, make sure there are no loose components or screws.
  • Always be patient and do the task perfectly.
  • If you are stuck somewhere, feel free to take guidance online or from Tineco customer support.

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So, it’s all about removing the Tineco handle. Don’t worry! The procedure applies to all models. Print out these steps while detaching the component for better results. Before reinstalling, it’s good to go through a little cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Make sure it’s properly installed and doesn’t have any damage.


Is it okay to remove the handle when the Tineco cleaner is on charging?

No, it’s not recommended to detach the handle if the machine is on charge. It may cause any electrical damage so always unplug it from the charging before doing it.

Is it safe to remove the handle on my own?

Give the first priority taking it to someone expert in Tineco repairing. You can do it on your own if you understand the technical instructions and can put it back safely.

What if the handle isn’t removed?

Try to determine the reason for the handle’s sticking. Maybe it’s due to debris or some wires internally.