Online Casino and Gaming Habits of Students

Online Casino: Online casinos are growing in legal locations and popularity among the  general population. This popularity trend has also taken place in the student demographic. Students have been turning to online casinos with real money as a possible way to earn some easy money and something to help pass the time.

Online Casino

With online casino apps expanding and growing in user base, students who in the past may only have been able to go to in-person casinos now have a casino in their pockets. Below, we will examine the rise of online casino use among students and whether it is a viable way of making money.

Online Casino- Students and Online Casinos:

As mentioned in the intro, there was once a time when if a person wanted to play at the casino, their only option was to go to an in-person casino. In the modern day, this is no longer the case; more states are increasingly opening their doors to online casinos. These online casinos are marketing their user-friendly and easy-to-access apps. With 310 million people in the United States having access to a smartphone, this convenient casino game option is becoming the dominant way to play, and students are realizing it.

They develop gambling habits by discovering which games they enjoy and which may earn them the most.

Some of the games most popular amongst students include:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Slot Machine

What attracts students, especially to these games, is the ease with which someone can win money. One slide of the knob for a slot machine, and they can win some cash. The same is true with roulette, a simple, fast-paced game. These games allude to “fast cash,” which is attractive to a younger audience. They see other people win large sums of money and wish to be the same, so they invest time and resources into these games.

Students have also ventured into sports betting, which, like the games mentioned before, creates the idea of “fast cash.” Everyone likes sports, and many sports betting apps provide many opportunities to earn money. This availability has led to one out of five college students betting on an online sports betting app.

With the convenience of online casinos and sports betting apps, it is effortless for someone in a school to take a break from class to pull out a phone and place a bet or mindlessly play slot games. They can choose from an endless supply of online websites or apps.

The same forces that drove prior generations to casinos and sports betting are driving students in the modern day. The only difference is that students in states where it is legal have unfettered access to casinos or sports betting.

Is Gambling a Viable Option to Earn Extra Income?

The word gamble implies there is a level of risk involved in the action a person is taking. Gambling can be fun; it can be a helpful tool to pass the time, and sometimes, a person can win a decent amount of money. However, online casinos and sports betting apps are not viable options for winning money in the long term.

Many people have won large sums of money through online casinos or other forms of online gambling. However, just as many have lost large sums of money. Students often do not realize this until they begin losing money.

Gambling should be looked at as a brief period to have some fun and play a few games with a designated amount of money someone is okay with is possible to lose. However, it should not replace a traditional job or hold any long-term viability as a “side hustle.”

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Students are increasingly using online casinos and gambling because of the convenience and the myth of winning a lot of money or using it as a “side hustle.” But students are also getting addicted to these apps and the promise of instant wealth. For one student, what was, at one point, a once-a-week hobby has become a daily or hourly hobby.

Partaking in a game of poker or blackjack is not a problem if done sparingly, but it should not be seen as something that can lead to riches. When indulging in gambling, a person has to accept that there is a high possibility they will lose money at some point. However, many students do not realize this or are too involved.

Online casinos with real money and sports betting apps are not going anywhere, but students must be educated on healthy ways to use them.

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