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Ai Kavach App: Hello friend, are you searching for the Kavach Ai app for Android and iPhone? Then you have landed on the correct blog post. This ai kavach is one of the best tools to protect you from online scams. The application and website are currently not working. They stopped their services due to technical reasons and also changed the brand name to

This is one of the most needed Android applications because many scammers and fraudsters are trying to steal a lot of money from people who are using the internet for benefits. Nowadays all our transactions are digital so cyber security is very important. Okay, let’s get the app and avoid online scams easily.

Ai Kavach App Download for Android

About Ai Kavach App:

AI Kavach, also known as, is a cybersecurity company that helps both companies and consumers avoid online fraud.

The ultimate goal of the AI Kavach app is to provide cutting-edge, real-time solutions for preventing and detecting fraud via the use of models in machine learning, algorithms, and monitoring systems. To further ensure that users’ digital identities are protected, it makes use of proprietary AI and blockchain technologies.

It works to prevent malicious individuals from deceiving you, it ensures the safety of your phone, and it monitors websites and messages to alert you to potential threats. Okay, download and install it on your device using the link below.

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Download the Ai Kavach App for Android/iPhone/Ios for Trading

This application is currently not available on the Play Store so you must download it from the official website or other third-party websites.

App NameAi Kavach
CategoryCyber security

Download Kavach AI App

Features of the Kavach Ai App:

  • To determine whether a website or app is fake, or ai kavach generates predictions regarding its validity in real time.
  • Among AI Kavach APK’s best features is its lightning-fast alert system for questionable dealings. Envision yourself instantly alerted if someone is attempting to do anything nefarious with your information. Quickly responding to these warnings allows you to head off potential problems. Having this function is like having a vigilant companion that keeps an eye out for you and alerts you promptly if anything seems off.
  • Any time users click on an online ad or go to a website via a prominent platform like Google, Instagram, or Facebook, a pop-up warning appears if the material is likely to be fake. Additionally, the ai Kavach application can identify phishing SMSes and block users from accessing any questionable links therein.
  • Artificial intelligence Kavach also keeps an eye on money transfers in real time and identifies any questionable behavior. It stops QR code fraud and mobile payment scams by using machine learning to spot trends that indicate fraudulent payments are about to happen.
  • AI Kavach verifies the legitimacy of every online activity or SMS message you receive. In other words, the software monitors your online browsing and SMS messages for signs of intrusion or data theft. The software promptly notifies you if it detects any issues. By doing so, you can protect your phone and personal information against malicious websites and messages.
  • Your phone stores sensitive information such as emails, photos, and texts. When it comes to mobile security, the AI Kavach Shark Tank app doesn’t mess around. Protecting your phone and data from potential dangers is its constant job. Imagine it as a barrier that prevents prying eyes from reaching your personal information. This software is always watching over you, so you may use your phone without concern.
  • One definition of phishing is “fishing” for personal information. Emails and messages from criminals attempting to trick you into divulging sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords are common. To counter these tactics, install the AI Kavach app on your Android device. Emails and SMS are scanned for malicious URLs that attempt to steal your personal information. This prevents nefarious individuals from gaining access to your personal information.

Ai Kavach Alternative Apps

  1. Avira
  2. Kaspersky
  3. McAfee
  4. Avast
  5. Norton


Who is the CEO of AI Kavach?

Pratyusha Vemuri and Girish Nagavarapu, who have 18 years of expertise in network security, have developed an artificial intelligence-based solution that addresses identity theft, brand abuse, and phishing. This service is available to both people and organizations.

What happened to Ai Kavach?

AI Kavach is in the process of growing its company and will be expanding via both business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries.

Final Words:

This is how you can download and install the Ai Kavach app on your Android device. This application will prevent you from using unknown and scam websites, apps, and links. Hope the above guide will help you to get the app and secure your mobile. If you have any other queries please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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