Unveiling the Best Duelists in Valorant Episode 8: A Comprehensive Tier List

Welcome to Valorant Episode 8, where Riot Games has introduced exciting changes that are set to reshape the meta. In this comprehensive tier list, we’ll dive into the best and worst Duelists to play during Episode 8, analyzing the impact of the new map pool, weapons, and agent adjustments. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this guide will help you navigate the evolving landscape of Valorant.U7BUY provides various of Valorant services, visit today if you need Valorant Points, boosting, or accounts.

Valorant Episode 8

Best Duelists in Valorant Episode 8

C Tier Duelists:


Similar to Deadlock in the Sentinel role, Iso has struggled to make an impact as a Duelist. Lacking the self-healing aspect of Reyna, Iso falls short in creating individual opportunities to make plays. Unfortunately, his kit feels underpowered, and until he receives some love from Riot, Iso remains at the bottom of the list.

B Tier Duelists:


Once a popular pick, Phoenix now feels outdated, especially in higher-ranked games. His flashes are challenging to use compared to other agents, and there are superior versions of his abilities scattered throughout the roster. Phoenix excels in chaotic gunfights, but in a tactical shooter, taking damage is not ideal.


Yoru rewards creativity, offering numerous options in any game. However, getting consistent value proves challenging, and sessions often swing between carrying and bottom fragging. With Icebox returning, Yoru gains popularity for unique teleporter plays. While he ranks lower on this list, mastering Yoru could elevate him to A-tier depending on the player.


Neon’s effectiveness heavily depends on the map, making her one of the most map-dependent Duelists. Despite losing Fracture, she remains viable on Sunset and Breeze. Neon is an excellent pocket pick for specific maps, but for a stable option throughout the season, other agents may be more reliable.

A Tier Duelists:


Reyna’s strength is directly tied to the player’s aim. The introduction of Icebox doesn’t significantly impact her, and she could utilize the new Outlaw Sniper to some extent. Reyna’s placement in a tier list is player-dependent, often hovering around the middle due to her limited interaction with small changes in the game.

S Tier Duelists:


Jett remains unchanged in Patch 8.0 but receives small adjustments favoring her. Icebox enhances her ability to abuse verticality, making her one of the best Duelists on the map. The new Outlaw Sniper complements Jett’s strengths, potentially pushing her to surpass Raze. Jett is poised to dominate Episode 8, becoming a must-watch Duelist in the evolving meta.


Continuing as the best Duelist, Raze’s fast-paced playstyle and area denial abilities shine across the map pool. Despite Haven’s removal in favor of Icebox, Raze maintains high value. The new Outlaw Sniper and the rise of Cypher further solidify Raze’s position as a top choice for players seeking a fun and effective Duelist.

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Final Words:

As Valorant Episode 8 unfolds, the tier list provides insights into the evolving meta for Duelists. Remember that agent placement is based on mid-to-high-rank games and speculative predictions. Prioritize your enjoyment of each agent while considering their value in various situations. And for those looking to boost their Valorant rank effortlessly, explore our Valorant boost services at U7BUY – the key to achieving your desired rank. Visit today and elevate your gaming experience!

Hope the above guide will help you to choose the Best Duelists in Valorant Episode 8. If you have any queries related to Valorant Episode 8 please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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