IOB Balance Check Number, IPPB Mobile Banking

IOB Balance Check Number: Checking bank account balances is no longer a time-consuming task. Before the advent of digital banking, customers had to visit the bank and update their passbook just to check their balance.

IOB Balance Check Number

Now, we can check our account balance anytime through various options such as calling or sending a text to balance check number, Internet banking portal, mobile banking portal, or getting a mini statement from an ATM. In this article, we will take Indian Overseas Bank as an example and try to discuss all the options available to check account balance.

Balance Check through IOB Balance Check Number:

Indian overseas bank provides a dedicated IOB balance check number for checking account balance. Following is the procedure to check IOB balance check number.

  1. Dial 1800 425 4445 from your registered mobile number. If your mobile number is not registered yet, you can refer to the guidelines which is provided in this article.
  2. Select the language you are comfortable with. Then, you will be connected to a customer care executive.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the customer care executive over the call. Or, sometimes, you will be guided by an IVR.
  4. Select the options to check your account balance and the bank will send you an SMS containing the details of your account including current balance.

Balance Check through SMS Banking:

  • You can also check your account balance by sending a short message to IOB balance check number for SMS.
  • Open your messaging app and compose a text writing BAL<space>last 4 digits of A/c No” and send this to 84240 22122.
  • After a short while, you will receive an SMS from the bank which contains the details of your account balance.

Registration of Mobile Number for Phone Call and SMS Banking:

To have access to the two options mentioned above, your mobile number should be registered with the bank. Follow these simple steps to register your mobile number with Indian Overseas Bank.

  1. If you want to register it offline, go to a nearby Indian Overseas bank branch.
  2. Ask the staff for a mobile number registration form.
  3. Fill it with all the required information such as your personal details, account details and the mobile number you wish to register.
  4. Submit it along with some identity proof documents. When the form is verified and approved, you Mobile number will be registered with the bank.
  5. If you want to register your mobile number online, go to the official website of Indian Overseas bank.
  6. Then, go to the profile section and select the option “update mobile number”.
  7. You will be asked to enter the mobile number you wish to update. Enter it and enter all the required details.
  8. Then, your mobile number will be registered with Indian Overseas bank.

Balance Check through Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Banking:

This option is also a handy and convenient one. We can have access to our account balance through our mobile phones anytime. To check IOB balance through mobile banking app, refer to the steps provided below.

  • Open the app, ‘IOBMobile’ on your device by entering the pin code you set.
  • Tap on the account summary section.
  • Your account balance will be shown in the screen.

If you don’t have the app on your device yet, go to your app store and download ‘IOBMobile’ and install it. Then, set it up and link your bank account. Enter all the required details such as you name, account number, IFSC code, etc.

Other banks also have their own customised mobile banking apps. You can carry out a whole lot of banking activities and others through mobile banking apps. If you have an account in IPPB and if you want to make a recharge of your phone, you can just open IPPB mobile banking app and do the recharge.

Balance Check through Internet Banking Portal:

If you have access to Internet banking services, you can check your account balance in a few clicks. If you don’t have access yet, go ahead and register for Internet banking. The steps will be provided later in this article. To check IOB balance,

  1. Visit the official website of Indian Overseas Bank and log into your account using the User Id and password that you set.
  2. Go to the account summary section and your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

You can use this banking portal for many other banking activities such as fund transfer, checking fund transfer history, applying loans, etc.

Registration for Internet Banking Service:

  • Open the browser on your device and visit to the official website of Indian Overseas Bank.
  • There will be an option for registration under the ‘Online Banking’ or ‘Login’ section.
  • You’ll be asked to enter details like account number, card details, personal information, and sometimes an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your registered mobile number for verification.
  • Set up a user ID and password. Some banks might require a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters for a secure password.
  • After registration, log in using the newly created credentials.
  • Banks often prompt users to set security questions, enable two-factor authentication, or link a registered device for added security. Do not forget the security questions and answers. It will help you recover your password in case you forget it.

Balance Check through ATM: 

  • Go to a nearby ATM and insert your IOB debit card at the ATM.
  • Select the language you prefer.
  • Enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Choose the option, ‘mini statement’ from the menu.
  • Select your account type whether it’s savings or current
  • The ATM will provide a receipt with your mini statement containing your account balance and last few transactions.

Balance Check through UPI Apps:

 There are a lot of UPI apps in use nowadays. Some of them are Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. You can choose any of them and install on your device. Then, you have to link your bank account with the app. Enter all the required details of your account.

Once it is set up, you can go to the option, ‘Check Balance’ and your account balance will be shown on the app screen. You can also link more than one account with the app. Then, you have to select the account for which you want to check the balance.

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This post promotes the ease of viewing your account balance with Indian Overseas Bank, which provides a range of easy solutions. Whether you prefer traditional methods like visiting the bank or making a phone call, or you favor modern conveniences like online portals and mobile banking, there is an appropriate option customized to your tastes.

It is essential to register your mobile number for both SMS and phone banking to fully use the user-friendly IOB Mobile app for unmatched convenience. Bid farewell to suffer lengthy waits and embrace the convenience of modern banking options for the effortless maintenance of your account balance, available at all times and from any location.

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