Managing Multiple Websites on a Single-Managed VPS

Single-Managed VPS: Individuals and businesses can manage multiple websites on a single-managed VPS. Hosting each website on a separate server or hosting plan can be expensive and tricky to manage. Choosing the Best VPS Hosting is the crucial thing.

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Hosting multiple websites on a single Managed VPS is an efficient solution with DomainRacer and DedicatedCore. This article will explore the benefits and steps associated with doing so.

Managed VPS – What is it?

Managed VPS Hosting is a type of VPS Hosting where you get a managed server for your website. Managed VPS Hosting includes server maintenance provided by your service provider. 

These include updating the core, installing software, backing up, and securing the system. Thus, you don’t have to worry about managing your server as a business owner. 

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With the help of Managed VPS hosting you don’t have any reason to worry about servers you have to only focus on your work or website.

A managed VPS platform is the perfect option for startups and SMBs without an in-house IT department. A reliable hosting provider already has the workforce – experienced, well-trained experts. 

Those who don’t have time or staff to manage many websites will also find it useful. DomainRacer and DedicatedCore both are the best Indian VPS hosting providers for managing multiple websites.

Benefits of Managing Multiple Websites on a Single Managed VPS

Using a managed VPS to merge multiple websites has the following advantages:


Costs are automatically reduced when multiple websites share one server. you have to pay only what you use for your website. Managed hosting provides a very cost-efficient approach to all.

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Optimization of Resources

Servers can operate more efficiently by sharing resources like disk space, CPU, and RAM. With no additional hardware costs, you’ll be able to handle more requests.


It is easy to scale up or down multiple websites on one server based on the needs. Individual websites may be allocated additional resources as needed.

Easily Manageable

IT staff have less administrative burden and error risk when managing one server rather than multiple servers.

Reliable Uptime

One server can host several websites, reducing the risk of downtime. It is possible to switch websites between servers in the event of a failure with DomainRacer.


Having multiple websites on one server simplifies adding or removing websites as needed. All types of businesses can use it, making it a flexible solution.

Technical Support

A managed VPS hosting plan includes technical support. Therefore, any server-related problems or questions can be handled by experts. If you don’t have knowledge about managing the server this YouTube link help you to handle all queries.

Process for Managing Multiple Websites on a Single Managed VPS

Follow the steps for managing multiple websites on a single Managed Virtual private server.

Choose a Reliable Provider of Managed VPS Services

Choose a reputable provider of Managed VPS hosting. Some points always remember when selecting any Managed VPS Server like the Location of the Server, scalability, and security.

One such reliable provider is DedicatedCore, the best VPS server in India that specializes in Managed VPS hosting. The company offers a wide range of hosting solutions. Hosting multiple websites with confidence has never been easier.

Manage Domains and the Structure of your Website

Always make sure about the structure of the server and manage your website on the best server. Instead of hosting multiple websites on one server, you can go for a single server.

Manage domain names and point them to your VPS server’s IP address to host multiple websites. Using your domain registrar’s control panel, create DNS records (A records) pointing to your server’s IP address.

Set up a Control Panel

If you have a Managed VPS, consider installing cPanel or Plesk as a control panel. User-friendly control panels allow you to maintain multiple websites, emails, databases, and more with ease. 

Additionally, they make it easier to create FTP accounts and manage SSL certificates.

Deploying your website

Upon setting up your Managed VPS, upload your website files to the appropriate directory. In some control panels and on some servers, this directory might appear as “/var/www/html” or “/home/username/public_html.” 

Keep the files for each website in separate directories in order to facilitate website management.

Configure Virtual Hosts

You’ll need to configure virtual hosts to direct each website to its desired directory. The virtual host configures a server to map domain names to specific websites. You can configure this in the Apache or Nginx configuration files.

The management of databases

Make sure you configure databases on your Managed VPS if your websites require them. The tools phpMyAdmin and Adminer allow you to create and manage databases and users. 

DomainRacer, a well-known web hosting provider, also offers database management services. It simplifies the creation and management of website databases.

Set up SSL certificates

SSL certificates ensure secure communication between your website and visitors. You can purchase SSL certificates separately or get them free from most Managed VPS providers. Your control panel should enable SSL for all websites.

Keeping track of and backing up

Keep some important points in mind like monitoring your website performance, keeping back-up on a regular basis, and always checking protection for security purposes.

Keep Updated

If you don’t want any type of lack or slow server then you have to Update your server’s plugins, theme, and content on a regular basis. To keep your website safe and fast update them promptly.


With the help of Managed VPS hosting you can manage multiple websites on one server very easily. Managed VPS helps you to save your money, time, and effort to run any type of website. 

To make the most of Managed VPS hosting, consider providers like DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. Manage multiple websites on your Managed VPS by following the steps outlined in this article.