Text to Speech and Voice Technology – An Upgrade You Need

What exactly is Text to Speech?

As the name suggests, Text to Speech (TTS) refers to simply transforming standard text to synthesize a human-sounding voice. TTS allows you to read aloud any text using this application. TTS voices are available in male and female voices in more than 20+ languages. It is beneficial in many instances, like explainer videos, E-Learning, product videos, animation, gaming, corporate training, making podcasts, and even audiobook or E-book reading.

Text to Speech tech

What can you do using Text to Speech?

One of the known websites, Murf Studios, allows you to add voiceover to videos, images, and your presentation and make them speak! You can add voices to your videos and presentations.

AI for Empowering Technology

AI is an incredible technology implemented in various digital platforms, like the Text-to-Speech tool. It is a versatile technology embedded in all sorts of devices and empowers them to perform their specific utilities.

A TTS voice generator allows you to generate voice from text efficiently, powered by AI. It generates a very identical voice to a natural human voice, so it is extensively applicable to your projects, and your clients would like it very much.

Reverse Psychology of TTS – Speech-to-Text Technology

Speech-to-text is excellent fidelity and can create an interactive interface between the AI and its user. Various software on the World Wide Web allows you to convert a selected input voice seamlessly to an output text.

Let’s take the inference of the very popular Google Assistant. It is an AI-powered Personal Assistant through which users can communicate back and forth effortlessly. It allows its users to convert text to speech and the other way around. Isn’t that very effective?

How is it possible to generate a voice?

  • Let us all go back to when Google introduced voice assistant technology. At first, there were limited features, but this idea of talking to your “Personal Assistant” was pretty exuberant.
  • In today’s time, you can see that the capabilities of these “Personal Assistants” have dramatically increased, which has been made possible because of rapidly advancing technology.
  • At that time, the profundity of such assistants was not up to the mark. So, the generated voice sounded fuzzy and robotic, which couldn’t be put to any use constructively. Nowadays AI generated voices can be used for a voice-over for e-learning, podcasts, audiobooks, presentations, explainer videos, etc.

You can follow these steps to add voice-over to videos:

  1. Add the desired text you wish to have in the speech.
  2. Align your text blocks with visuals.
  3. You will get that perfect timing of text in your video!

Voice Cloning – An Outline

First of all, what comes to your mind when you hear of “Voice Cloning”? Voice cloning is how we can use computer systems to generate an individual’s speech by creating a clone of their specific, unique voice using Artificial Intelligence.

For instance, a TTS voice generator allows you to generate voice from text efficiently, and AI powers it. It creates a voice identical to natural human sound in a way that you can implement in your projects and works.

Voice cloning is not that difficult. Owing to advancements in Artificial Intelligence, a branch called Deep Learning, which is a sub-branch of machine learning, we can quickly create voice duplicates, and thankfully, it has been made possible by two things:

  • Featureful gadgets increase your computing capacities to process and render quickly and efficiently.
  • Repeated training sessions of the required voice make the creation of an accurate clone possible.


All kinds of digital technology exist today on the internet that users can use to their fullest potential without getting engaged in any hassle and struggling. These utilities are a blessing in disguise, and even a non-professional can handle these techniques effectively.

  • All voice manipulation techniques like Text to Speech come in handy and serve a tremendous cause. These can amplify your business, reduce your workload, and produce quality material.
  • Text-to-Speech software lets one create an immense, out-of-the-box voice for plain-looking text.
  • AI empowers digital technology. This fidelity (AI) has created a worldwide effect and has forever changed users’ perceptions of digital tools and their usage.
  • AI-enabled software has become exceedingly popular among internet freaks because it facilitates better interaction of AI with users.
  • Voice cloning is the best feature among all voice modulation techniques, as it can quickly and fluently recreate speech and produces unexpectedly impressive voice output.

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