Differences Between Cyber Security and Cloud Security

Cyber Security VS Cloud Security: With the prevalence of technology in everyday life, the idea of suffering a cyberattack and having your personal information accessed and stolen is also prevalent. Over the years, cyberattacks have become a consistently growing thorn to both corporations and individuals. It is a phenomenon that seemingly has no end. This has prompted the need and raise of terms like cyber security and cloud security, as they serve as defenses against cyberattacks. While these two rising terms sound alike, they are not, as there are several differences between the two. However, a popular misconception nowadays is seen with people using both terms interchangeably, promoting the idea that there synonymous. To rectify this issue and highlight a clear picture of both terms, a look at their key differences is needed. These key differences are highlighted below.


Key differences between Cyber Security and Cloud Security

1. Scope of Protection

The primary difference that exists between cyber security and cloud security is the scope of protection they offer. For cyber security, the scope of protection encompasses securing and safeguarding all types of information technology domains, such as networks, servers, etc., from cyberattacks. On the other hand, cloud security plays a more specific role, as it mainly deals with securing and safeguarding cloud computing environments from cyberattacks. Interestingly, cloud security is under the scope of protection of cyber security. In addition to this, cloud security might require you to learn Azure, but this isn’t true for cyber security.

Furthermore, Azure consulting services can provide valuable assistance when it comes to enhancing your cloud security measures. These services offer tailored solutions, taking into account the unique needs of your cloud infrastructure, to ensure that it remains safe from potential threats. By engaging with Azure consulting services, organizations can benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals, ultimately strengthening their overall cyber security posture and ensuring the integrity of their cloud-based assets.

2. Security Responsibility

A key difference between the two can be found in who bears the responsibility for securing and maintaining their personal information. With cloud security generally being a shared security model, the party responsible for securing and maintaining information is the cloud service provider. In contrast, the responsible party with cyber security is the owner of the device. For cyber security, you are tasked with using the provided measures to secure your own devices from cyber attacks.

3. Security Measures and Maintenance

The measures used and means of maintenance operated are another major difference between cyber security and cloud security. For the former, methods such as multi-factor authentication and setting strong passwords are what are provided for users to maintain cyber security and secure their data and information. For the latter, the primary measure used is blocking unauthorized users from accessing stored data in the cloud, granting access to only authorized users. The latter also constantly filters the traffic accessing the data in the cloud.

4. Detecting Security Threats

Another major difference between cyber security and cloud security is how they both detect threats. With cloud security, artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to detect threats automatically and also prevent strong security for protecting against cyberattacks. On the other hand, cyber security involves making use of antivirus tools to detect and eliminate security threats from whatever device. However, these antivirus tools have to be constantly updated to cater to the ever-changing level of security threats and cyberattacks. This is very important as it will provide security against the ever-changing and creative cyber-attacks that definitely lie in wait.

Final Words: 

These are all the main differences between cyber security and cloud security. Know the difference and use the correct security system for your system. Hope this guide will help you solve your queries. If you have any doubts please feel free to share your thoughts in below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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