7 Tips On How To Get Better At Valorant

Valorant has undoubtedly changed the scene around the FPS games forever. It is an exciting and fun FPS game that one can experience and enjoy with their friends. But while there is no doubt about the game’s fun quotient, it can be quite challenging for players. In fact, players find themselves stuck at their level at all times. So, if you are experiencing something along the same lines, these tips will surely help you out. Here https://battlelog.co/valorant-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ you will also learn more tips to get better at Valorant.

Valorant tips for beginners

1.   Get into the practice mode.

Do you know how you are going to get better in the game? By honing your skills, of course. Sometimes the best way to get oneself out of the rut is by simply going back to basics and practicing. Luckily, there is a practice mode in the game that allows players to join and practice their aim as well as their abilities to the heart’s content. One can also face off against an AI and improve their movement. So, if you are in a rut, practice more before jumping into the next match.

2.   Get better at communication.

Valorant, at its core, is a squad game, and it is designed to be played that way. Regardless of how great of a solo player you are, you cannot win a match in Valorant alone. It is not just your shooting skills that will win you the game, but the character’s abilities and how you utilize them will see you and your team triumph. So to improve your skills in Valorant boost, you need to become a better communicator as well.

3.   Take advantage of the portals.

Now, if you have played this game, you are already familiar with what portals can do. But, likely, you are only using them as a one-way route to somewhere else when it can be so much more. Portals allow you to be creative and use them to spring a surprise on your enemies.

You can use a portal to trap your enemies, launch grenades at their position, or do so much more. Your imagination is the only limit here.

4.   Be careful while spending your funds.

If you have been in a rut lately, it might be because of the lack of strategy when it comes to spending your in-game cash. In Valorant, at the start of each round, you are allowed to buy and upgrade the gears. But you cannot spend money frivolously, and more importantly, without critical thinking here. Think about your agent, its abilities, and your playing style, and only then make any purchase. It might seem a simple piece of advice, but you will see your performance improve tremendously.

5.   Stand still to increase accuracy

If you have been struggling with your aim in Valorant for quite a while, then there is an easy way for you to rectify this situation – by standing still when aiming. Yes, it might sound a bit weird, especially in a game when one cannot stay idle for more than a few seconds. But it is the easiest way for one to improve their aim. You can try to take cover and then attack an enemy player as it will also help you out.

6.   Watch Twitch

Yes, we advise you to get onto Twitch and watch how professionals play the game. Twitch is an extremely popular video streaming platform where one can find hundreds if not thousands of Valorant professionals streaming their content for the online world. You can watch their stream, learn their tips and tricks, even ask for their advice and try to emulate it in your gaming style. Now, there will be hits and misses, but you have got to try!

7.   Change your gaming settings.

Another reason why you might not be having that much success in the game of late is that you have simply outgrown your gameplay settings. It is pretty common for players to stick to their default gaming settings and then struggle later on in the game. That is because these settings are not designed to make players perform their best but to help new players get familiar with the gameplay. Once you are experienced in the game and have played it for a while, it would be best to change your settings as quickly as possible.

So, these are the tips that you might find useful to improve your gameplay and get better at Valorant.

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