Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone- 10 Best Free Chat Applications

Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone Download: Hello Friends, we hope you are all good. There are various applications that can assist you to communicate with strangers all around the world if you wish to interact with them. Some apps only allow us to communicate with our friends, family, and other known people through our contact list.

Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone
Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

With today’s technology, we can communicate or talk with random strangers from all over the world online. When communicating with strangers, you have the option of selecting a language. You have the option of changing your nickname at any moment and Finding a friend by searching for their nickname. Here are some of the greatest apps for Android and iPhone for chatting with strangers. Okay, let’s have a look at the detailed steps below for Stranger chat apps for Android and iPhone.

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Best Chat Apps to Communicate With Strangers:

1. Meetme for Strangers Chat App:

Meetme for stranger chat app helps you to chat and meet new people which is a dating site. The application can support android and iOS users. Meetme is a very famous app in recent days. Over 100 million+ people communicate with each other through video chatting, texting, live streaming, and making friends from all over the world.

Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

Anyone can use this application because it is so simple to use. We can gain additional features and spend more time with random strangers and create friends by paying for a subscription to the app.  Meetme also provides a free version that you may use online or by installing the app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Key Features of Meetme for Stranger Chat App:

  • You may effortlessly communicate with strangers from all over the world.
  • Can make video chatting with people nearby your location.
  • You can choose your friends by adding your interests like dance, singing, etc.
  • You can make a live stream or watch streaming of others for Meetme.

2.BeeTalk for Strangers Chat App:

BeeTalk for Stranger chat app is a random chatting program that is completely free to use. With this application, you can find, new friends. It automatically displays your dearest friends who use this app, allowing you to communicate more quickly and establish new connections.

It is possible to create a group chat. You can also create a club to chat with new friends who suit your interests or you can join other clubs to chat with people of the same interest and make fun over there.

BeeTalk for Stranger chat app is like a Tinder application after seeing the new people’s profile photos and ages if we slide right on the screen you are interested in the people or if you slide left you are not interested. In this game, you can communicate with your friends by using stickers. There is also a special feature in this like the Snapchat app, once the message is read by your friends it automatically disappears.

3. Hitwe for Strangers Chat App:

Hitwe for stranger chat app is a safe and secure random chatting tool that will let you find new friends and connect with them without any limitations or constraints. You may send stickers and emojis to your buddies. There is no need to wait to chat with strangers if you are interested in the person you can send a text.

You can also send photos or GIFs in addition to this. The app increases your security. There are around 50 million or more active users from all over the world. Because it is not yet accessible in the Google Play store, you can get it on your Android smartphone by searching for it in your browser.

4. Funpokes for Strangers Chat App:

Funpokes for stranger chat app is one of the Best Applications if you are finding to chat with strangers randomly. This app is only for iPhone users. There are lots of Filters Available in this app you can choose wisely while interacting with new friends. It is a “user-friendly program” since you may enjoy video chatting and a variety of other entertaining features. Personal private discussions with strangers can also be made more secure.

Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

Key Features of Funpokes for Stranger Chat App:

  • Funpokes can able to share images and able to make live video chats.
  • You can find your friends according to your age.
  • Private chats are available with protection for Funpokes for Stranger app.
  • You can set notifications for messages from Funpokes.

5. Twoo for Strangers Chat App:

Twoo for stranger chat app is also a random stranger Chatting Application with lots of fun in it. This application assists you in making new acquaintances from all over the world who use this software on their smartphones.

If you want to engage with your new friends in a more stylish and humorous manner, choose this app. You will undoubtedly have a lot of fun while chatting with new friends. It is free, however, there are premium packs available. In the free version, you can chat and find your friends with some limitations. However, if you upgrade to the Premium edition, you will gain access to additional features that will allow you to enjoy speaking with strangers.

Premium packs are offered in one-year, six-month, three-month, one-month, and weekly increments. To activate this you must spend some money. You can make new acquaintances based on your interests, such as music, dancing, singing, amusing discussions, and passion.

6. Skout for Strangers Chat App:

Skout for stranger chat app is one of the best applications for finding new friends all over the world. You can chat with random strangers with more security and privacy. Skout application is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can able to Hide your location, Gmail, age, or any other thing you added to your profile.

Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

Strangers will only see what you like to show to them in your profile. You can save your favorite broadcasters. The app will automatically send you a notification if anyone joined this app newly including those who are near to your location. More millions of people are interacting with each other daily. You can visit strangers’ profiles and check and you can see the persons who visited your profile

7. Holla Live for Strangers Chat App:

The Holla live app is accessible in the Google Play market; it is also a random chatting app with strangers from all around the world, where you may make new friends and have fun with them. Voice chat is supported in Holla live app video calls. The app gives you more security than it does not allow spam or fake profile and it gives you more protection while chatting. You may quickly add or reject new pals by dragging on the screen.

8. Flurv for Strangers Chat App:

Flurv is one of the dating site applications which will help to search for new friends in nearby locations. This application is for android users and we can find friends in some other locations also. You will receive notifications when individuals near your location use this app, which may assist you in quickly and simply finding friends.

9. Qeep for Strangers Chat App:

Qeep for stranger chat app is one of the best and most popular dating sites for people on both android and iPhones. This application is available in the Google play store as well as Apple play store. The app gives you 100% security and your database is protected well.

You can make new friends by chatting with random strangers from all over the world that uses this app. Nudity is prohibited if you have done any activities you are banned from this application. Meet your best pair over here or you can make friends or any other relation as you want with the people.

10. Golu for Strangers Chat App:

Golu for stranger chat app also helps you to chat with strangers randomly from all and every corner of the world. Chatting and video calls allow you to engage with strangers. By opening this app it asks for your name, age, location, and some other details after that you are ready to communicate with people randomly with some fun.

The following are the top Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone. Use all of the free best programs listed above and tell us about your experience.


These all are the best Chat apps for Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone.We hope that you choose the right app for you to use on your smartphone by referring to the features. Enjoy chatting with Stranger Chat Apps for Android & iPhone and making new relationships.

Using such dating apps will provide you with additional enjoyment and entertainment. If anyone has tech-related queries for Stranger Chat Apps for Android and iPhone just put your comments in the comment boxes. Just keep in touch with us to get regular tech updates on time. Thank you..!

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