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Chrome APK for Android TV: Hi everyone. If you want to use Chrome APK for Android TV. Then you’ve arrived in the right location. Thank you for choosing our post to know this beforehand. You will find answers to all your questions like this in our post. We will now see more about Chrome APK for Android TV in this article.

This is the 21st century, which is fast growing along with its highly advanced technological inventions. One such technological invention is Smart TV or Android TV. It is an example of how advancing technology can ease people’s lives if used correctly.

Android is a system that is used by almost throughout the “Globe” and is considered far more user-friendly, than others. We can stream videos online without any hustle. Even, online streaming platforms work equally fine in the new generation of Smarts TVs.

Chrome APK for Android TV
Chrome APK for Android TV

So, Android TV which was invented to ease up people’s uses also led to a few drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of Android TV is, that one cannot browse the internet via Chrome. Chrome is one of the most used browsing sites, to surf the web. Chrome, unlike other browsing sites like Mozilla Firefox, is not available for download from the “Google Play Store”, which means one cannot browse Chrome Search on their Android TV.

But there is always a solution for everything. We bring you the ways, how you CAN browse Chrome Search even on your Android TV. Okay, let’s have a look at the detailed steps of Chrome APK for Android TV

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What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a fast, user-friendly, and secure browser. Chrome, designed for Android, provides tailored news items, easy access to your favorite sites, downloads, and built-in Google Search and Google Translate.

Google Chrome is world’s one of the top browsing websites. It is being extensively used globally. Unlike other browsing sites. With a single press, we can instantly download films, images, and even entire web pages.

Turn on Chrome’s Data Saver to surf and navigate the web while using less data. Chrome can save up to 60% of data by compressing text, pictures, videos, and websites without sacrificing quality. Data Saver is also astute. When you’re on a slow, 2G-like connection, Chrome automatically optimizes websites to save up to 90% data, allowing pages to load twice as fast. So it is Saving time and Data.

How would you Install Google Chrome APK for Android TV?

The steps are as follows:

  1. As, Chrome is not officially available on Android TVs, to install Google Chrome on the Android TV, one needs to download the Google Chrome APK version, which is easily available over the internet.
  2. Download the Google Chrome APK on the mobile phone computer, or any device from which you can transfer the file to your Smart TV.
  3. Then, one needs to transfer the APK file by Cloud transfer, Bluetooth, or any other available transfer methods.
  4. After successful transfer of the APK file, one needs to install the Solid Explorer App, which is already available along with the Android TV.
  5. Now, a few steps are to be followed, to enable the Chrome Browser in the Smart TV
  • First, head to the TV Settings on your Smart TV. It should be denoted by a gear logo.
  • Then, in the settings, you’ll find Device Preferences.
  • From Device Preferences, go to Security and Restrictions.
  • Then go to Unknown sources and enable the permission for Solid Explorer.
  • This enabling of the Solid Explorer, basically grants permission for Third-party apps.
  • In Solid Explorer, find the Google Chrome APK file, which will be visible under the Downloads section.
  • Click on the APK file, and let the installation procedure start.

On successful installation, you’ll be able to locate Google Chrome on your Android TV.

Now, one might ask that,

How to find the Architecture of the Android TV?

The architecture of the device simply refers to the type of processor available on the device. The Android version is present on the device. All of these should be kept in mind before downloading any APK.

Features of Installing Google Chrome APK for Android TV:

  1. It is easier to browse over the internet via Google Chrome, rather than other available Browsing networks.
  2. Even though toggling through the Smart remote is quite difficult, a portable mouse can easily be connected to the smart TV and used very easily.
  3. The downloaded Google Chrome APK version should, at first match the architecture of the Smart TV itself, to make it compatible.
  4. One needs to find the DPI of the device and its latest Android version.
These are all the main features of Chrome APK for Android TV. Use all the above-mentioned features and share your experience with us.


In the fast pacing world, it is very important to stay updated with the fast-changing technology around us. Smart TVs have almost completely replaced the normal old television sets of the Indian market, and people are even liking this change. Due to the user-friendly OS, Android TVs are in high demand all the time. And to make its use a bit more user-friendly, it is possible to even download Google Chrome APK on the Android TVs and have happy browsing.

Even though Chrome is not officially available on the Google Playstore, it is completely safe to get the APK version. These are all the complete details of the Chrome APK for Android TV. I hope this guide will help you to install Chrome on your Android TV. If you have any queries related to the above guidelines please let us know in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit.

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