The Best Free App to See Someone’s Location on iPhone

App to Track Someone’s Location on iPhone: There could be times when you find your loved ones behaving weirdly as if trying to hide something from you. The feeling gets worse when they don’t tell you anything, even after you ask them repeatedly. Tracking their location becomes your only way to find out about the truth. To lend you a helping hand and pull you out of your worries, I’m going to discuss the best 3 Ways to See Someone’s Location on iPhone. These methods will let you obtain your close one’s location at any time without any hassle and leave you relieved. Why the wait then? Let’s begin!

Track Phone Location on iPhone
Track Phone Location on iPhone

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Tracking Location Using Spyier

Are you trying to look into your kid’s phone to know about his location? Do you get scared about your child’s safety often? Here’s your solution- choose a spy app like Spyier and find answers to all your questions.

A spy app is the most efficient way to get to know someone’s location and to track them down. If you are worried about the legality of such software, let me tell you they are legal. You can use them for all the genuine reasons like monitoring your child, checking up on your employees, etc. but not for cruel practices.

However, do check the laws prevailing in your state before purchasing spy software. Also, do not forget to buy trustable software like Spyier to have a positive experience. Now that you know what a spy app is, let’s proceed to learn a little more about the best of all Spyier.

What is Spyier?

track someone location on iphone

Finding someone’s location has never been this easy. With Spyier, you can effortlessly search for the target phone and track its live location without any hassle. The best part- you can do it all discreetly.

Spyier is a modern spying tool that allows the user to obtain information about online and offline activities. The software is devised keeping in mind all the needs of a person who wants to check up upon someone, and therefore, it’s effortless to use.

You don’t need any technical expertise to set up this app. It takes only a few minutes to start with your job. There are many spy apps present in the market, and the choice between them could be a little perplexing.

Almost all of these apps serve the same purpose and offer similar features. What makes Spier different is its user-friendly interface and affordable price. You would not need to fiddle around trying to understand the app as the UI is intuitive and makes the navigation smooth.

But is it reliable? Will you get into trouble for using it? Spyier boasts about its users spread in almost 190 countries and is widespread across boundaries. It has been recognized and quoted by many established media and news outlets like Forbes, Tech Times, Buzzfeed, etc. Given all this, it’s legal and reliable.

Tracking Someone’s Location on iPhone Using Spyier

Spyier is an all-in-one solution for all your phone monitoring requirements. Users are allowed to track a person’s location and know where they are or have been and get access to their call logs, messages, chats, etc. If you are suspicious of your partner cheating on you, Spyier is the innovative app that will help you clear or confirm your doubt at the earliest.

To set up Spyier, you will need to install the app and log into it using any web browser you want. Go to the selection panel and click on the “locations” option. A new window will load, providing you with detailed insight into the device’s movement from one place to another.

spyier app to track someone location

Not just the live location, but you can also enquire about where the iPhone has been taken on the past few days. The app is integrated with Google maps and thus shows the exact locations on a map and pins them. You can easily keep track of the timings when your target has visited someplace or left it.

Along with all the fantastic services, you would be delighted to know that Spyier doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreak. It is one of the very few spy apps to have this unique feature. You can set it up in a few minutes and use it to monitor your target’s actions without any interruptions.

Did I mention the “stealth mode” yet? Well, you will be able to perform all your spying without letting your target know. It is essential to remain discreet in some matters where you are spying to see the truth. The stealth mode enables you to go undercover, and the person being spied on doesn’t receive any hint regarding the spy app.

Other Options to Track Location on iPhone

Find My Friend

The Find my feature offered by the developer company allows you to view the location of your friend’s and family’s devices at all times. It works like a social-location sharing app and needs both parties to use an iPhone. If a user doesn’t want anyone to know his location, he can simply turn off the sharing.

To use this feature, you will need to set it up first. Launch this app and go to your profile. Turn on your location sharing option and start adding friends from your contact.

Once you are done sending a request to the desired target device, let’s say your kid’s iPhone and accept the same on his Phone. Now follow the exact procedure to set up the Find My Friend service in his device, and you are good to go. You can obtain a pretty accurate location of your target using this service and view it on a map.

Find My iPhone

Just like the previous one, this service is also offered by Apple. You can use “Find my iPhone” to get to know the location of your own iPhone. This feature usually helps in locating a misplaced or stolen product.

To use this innovative feature, a user needs to integrate his iPhone into iCloud. Once you are done setting up, visit the iCloud website, log in to your device’s account and click on the “Find my iPhone “ option. Now you will find out the location of all the devices linked to this account.


I hope that this article about the best 3 Ways to See Someone’s Location on iPhone helps you track location. These methods are legally permitted to be used, so there is no need to worry about their safety.

However, both the instruments provided by Apple have a few limitations. The “Find my Phone” feature can only be used to track your own device’s location. Similarly, “Find My Friend” allows you to see the location of people in your contact only if they agree to share their location with you.

Considering the above factors, it is pretty clear that Spyier is the best option for you to check up on someone’s location effectively. It offers the required anonymity to the user and is a hassle-free way. For more details, check out Spyier’s official website and get started today itself.

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