6 Best Online Sources for Streaming Videos, Movies, and TV Shows

List of the best online sources for streaming videos, movies, and TV shows: Are you a movie lover who loves binge-watching and passing their free time searching for new movies or TV show content? In this modern era, streaming movies and TV shows online has become very convenient due to tons of online sources for streaming. However, it can be hard to decide which one to use as there are so many to choose from. In this article, we have shared all the top streaming sites that are available to use with a myriad of amazing collections.

Online Video Streaming Sources
Online Video Streaming Sources

You will find several video-streaming websites on the Internet for watching dramas, shows, and films but trust me when I say that not all of them are worthy of entrusting your desired data. Also, a few of them might also be illegal to use. All of the sites listed below are easy to use and very user-friendly. These video-streaming websites are all sorted by quality and the developers of these websites have put an extra effort to make sure their users are satisfied with the service.

Here’s a list of the best online sources for streaming movies, TV shows, and many more!

Best Online Video Streaming Sources:

1. Tubi TV:

This online movie streaming website is the best solution for all your video streaming problems it provides a wide range of TV shows and movies from different genres. Tubi TV is totally free and streams content from blockbuster-producing companies such as Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, and others.

This website does not require any subscription and has gained massive popularity in recent years. Tubi TV has a very clean interface with the films categorized according to their genres. People can register their accounts for regular updates and notifications from Tubi TV.

2. 123movies:

123 movies

123movies “http://letvideo.com/123movies” is another popular online streaming service that allows its users to watch a truckload of films from a variety of genres anytime they want. On top of that, IT’S FREE. This online streaming service is known for its extremely vast library of film choices while also providing reviews of each film and rating them according to their quality and popularity. As 123movies is not really safe or legal to use, many people use VPNs before streaming videos from 123movies to secure their devices.

3. Letvideo.com

The third on our list of the best online sources to stream videos is letvideo.com. This website contains tons of content from different genres for free streaming. From music videos to TV shows to movies, to funny or dramatic compilation videos, letvideo.com is the home to all. Whilst being a fast-working site, the users won’t even have to log in or signup anywhere. Just click on the video you would like to watch and enjoy. So, you can’t go wrong with letvideo.com! 

4. Yes!Movies

YesMovies is also a leading site that definitely deserves a try and is an online streaming site that requires no login or signup and has a really good reputation as well. It is used by tons of users as it provides them with an extensive range of shows and films at a fast loading speed. YesMovies offers the maximum video quality of 780p however, the video quality can also be adjusted according to the device you are using. It has a categorization feature that works super nicely with its dark Ul theme. You can use it with your IOS or android.

5. MovieStars.to

Moviestar is a newer video streaming site that also features a wide-ranging library of great content. One of the best parts about using this website is that it won’t annoy you with intrusive ads. movie stars. to has a homepage, similar to others, with a list of TV shows and movies grouped according to when they were added to the website. It has a rich menu of various genres and although this site has fewer visitors, for now, it has great scope.

6. Peacock TV:

peacock tv

Peacock is another new face in the world of online video streaming services. Officially launched in July 2020, it is NCB’s new streaming platform that contains a vast list of free movies, TV shows, and also live channels to choose from. The smooth playback, extensive library of content, and being completely cost-free is one of the few reasons why this website has gained millions of subscribers in just a few months.

The Peacock TV is also available to download as an app on Android devices, IOS, Apple TV, Roku, and others.  This app made more than a million downloads only on the Google play store and has good user ratings.

Final Words:

We have listed the best online videos/movie streaming sources based on the user’s reviews. Try to use these services and share your experience with us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.
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