Top 5 Apps for Tracking Children’s Phone (Must Read!)

Apps for Tracking Children’s Phones: Do you know that every 40 seconds, a child goes missing or abducted in the US? This statistic is nothing less than a horror movie for any parent. So, if you’re worried about where your children are going and when they will be home then you’re not paranoid. You are, being a parent, a bit concerned about them. But, kids don’t understand these things. They will call you as a helicopter parent or may end up accusing you of breaching their safety. They will hardly be pleased to keep you posted about your whereabouts. So, how’s that even possible parents will be aware of their children’s movements while kids don’t feel like being watched all the time? Well, we have a way out that might interest you. We have listed some of the best phone tracking apps that you can use for this purpose.

Children's Phone Tracking Apps
Children’s Phone Tracking Apps

1 – Neatspy – Peace of Mind For Everyone

Neatspy is a world-famous phone location tracking tool that will help you track your loved ones and children’s phone without even getting near to them.

Yes, it’s true. The developers of Neatspy were aware of the fact that phone tracking is the need of the hour in certain cases.

This is why they have developed a product that is easy to use and helps the end-users in accomplishing risk-free phone tracking. Neatspy has already made its way to millions of devices and helped them secretly track children’s phones.

It’s not us who are singing in its praise. Countless media houses have features in their tech section. Names like Forbes, CNET, and PCMag are included in that list. Such impeccable is its performance.

Children's Phone

Here is a glimpse of the qualities of Neatspy:

It Renders Risk-Free Phone Tracking

Neatspy’s core technology is free from rooting/jailbreak. By ditching these two activities, Neatspy has made phone tracking risk-free to a great extent. Risks like tampering with the OS or breaking off its security seal will not follow you anywhere.

As Neatspy doesn’t save data on the server, you can easily keep the various kinds of cyber vulnerabilities at bay while tracking the phone.

It has made phone tracking a cakewalk

The developers of Neatspy have simplified phone tracking up to such an extent that any novice can accomplish it with zero hassles and worries.

Neatspy for iOS comes with a no-download and set-up process. You don’t have to drag yourself into time taking set-process as its deployment is 100% browser-based. Only iCloud details of the target are required to get started.

Neatspy for Android is an app that follows the set-up and installation process of any other regular Android app. So, you will hardly face any troubles while setting it up. Its compact size makes the entire process a quick job. Only 5 minutes it requires.

Neatspy has got your back always

With features like stealth mode and an interactive dashboard, it has got your back always. Your motives won’t be exposed to anyone and you’ll continue tracking the phone secretively.

Phone tracking is reliable and cost-effective

The advanced technology of Neatspy will capture GPS and Wi-Fi-based location details in real-time at a mere cost of $10 per month. 

2 – Spyic

Spyic is our & millions of others’ favorite for various reasons. People don’t give a second thought to going for it when they need reliable and real-time phone tracking. The use of ultra-modern technique used in Neatspy has removed all the complexities of phone tracking. Worried that others will catch you red-handed? Don’t worry it won’t happen as Spyic has stealth mode to cover the app’s presence on the targeted phone.

spyic app

You don’t have to go the extra mile to access the data. Its interactive dashboard has made it an easy job. Just grab any device and browser, access the dashboard and you will see live data rendering over there.

3 – Spyier

As long as Spyier is here to help you, you will face zero hassle in phone tracking as it works without rooting/jailbreak. The GPS and Wi-Fi and based phone tracking are marvelous. You will experience accuracy and reliability from the data.

spyier app
  • Not a hacking expert? No issues. Spyier has simplified the phone tracking process to great extent. Any novice will be able to accomplish the job.
  • The facilities of Spyier are very cost-effective. Only $10 is what you need to spend for its comprehensive assistance. At this cost, you can do live phone tracking for one device.
  • If you’re going for multiple device monitoring then the deal will be more pocket-friendly.

4 – Minspy

Packed with some of the most advanced features and facilities, Minspy is a world-famed phone tracking tool. Its flawless performance has managed to grab the attention of many leading media outlets. They have awarded it as a risk-free way to do phone tracking as it works without rooting/jailbreak.

One of the key reasons behind such impeccable popularity of Minspy is its ability to protect your crucial data always. Unlike some faulty apps, it doesn’t save data on the server and makes it easily available for various cyber threats. There is no need of having special tools and techniques to use Minspy. Your regular device and browser are more than enough.

5 – Spyine

Phone tracking was never as easy and reliable as it was with Spyine. Its developers have included some of the most advanced AI in it and simplified the entire process of phone tracking. Don’t believe in our words? Try using it and you’ll find out the truth.

spyine app

Spyine is out of those exceptional phone tracking apps that can track the device based on GPS and Wi-Fi details. The coordinates would be delivered with timestamps. So, you can find out about the places visited and the time of the visit.

Phone tracking can’t be more reliable than this!


Digital security is a big concern these days. Businesses have access to tools like single sign on to protect employees and data, but parents have to approach security in a different way. This is where phone tracking apps can pay dividends.

Phone tracking is required to ensure that your loved ones are out of harm’s way. When done rightly, it can help you to safeguard them. But, you need a reliable tool for this job. Based on the price, performance, and features, we listed the above-mentioned phone tracking apps for you. Though each one is exceptional, our first choice is Neatspy. It has excelled in others on many fronts. We have tried it and this is what made us reach this conclusion.

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