Troop Messenger- Leading Solution for Effective Online Team Collaboration & Communication

Owning a business and creating a collaboration between your team members in real-time is a big challenge. A great team will bring good business and will make it grow. While misunderstandings and miscommunications between the team members can be the sole cause of your downfall as well.  Considering the modern world scenario, where competition between rivals is at its peak, you should take serious measures to facilitate healthy and interactive online communications between your workforce. There is much software out there in the market, that facilitates online collaboration between team members in real-time.
Troom Messenger
Troom Messenger
Here we are discussing Troop Messenger, it is an efficient office messaging and online team collaboration software with a friendly user interface. The developers of Troop Messenger understand the importance of online communication among the workforce of an organization and aims to offer them an intuitive platform with all the necessary tools. The software is compatible with all types of business starting from small to large, from government-operated to non-government based. It enables large teams scattered over separate geographical boundaries to stay connected all around the clock via Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.  

Why is Troop Messenger a Leading Solution for Effective Online Team Collaboration & Communication?

troop messenger software
If you are a business owner and is finding it hard to maintain a large team Troop Messenger can offer a solution to your problem. Here are certain features and facts about Troop Messenger which makes it a leading solution for effective online team collaboration & communication.

  • Intuitive Dashboard: 

Being the admin of your business you will get full access to the intuitive dashboard and all the features within it. You will be able to monitor your team members from time to time as per your needs and requirements. The dashboard can be termed as the admin’s world as it shows all the necessary details related to your business, enabling you to make efficient business decisions, that will also ensure proper collaboration between the team members. 

  • Offers an Instant Messaging System:

The efficient instant messaging system offered by Troop Messenger will help the members of your team to communicate with each other and exchange work updates in real-time. Once a message is posted you can find out the delivery status of the chat message along with its time. With Troop Messenger, you no longer need to worry about posting the message in the wrong group. You can simply recall the message to avoid any forms of miscommunication among the team. The software also comes with a delete option enabling its users to get rid of the past chat histories, in case they are not that important.

  • Helpful and Advanced Call Mechanism:

At times it becomes really problematic to explain the ideas in your mind through words. Face to face video calls or telephonic communications are really important for a team to get connected with each other. Troop Messenger makes it all possible. The video call and voice call facility provided by the software allows you and your team to speak out their mind. It also facilitates a better understanding which leads to better productivity and brings in more profit to the business.  

  • Unlimited Groups:

A large business means a large team and the size goes on increasing with time. You can create and manage multiple groups for your business with Troop Messenger. You can even differentiate the groups based on the departments or branches of your organization. This way it becomes really easy to keep track of the tasks assigned to each group. The team members also find it super easy and comfortable to communicate with each other. Further, the information shared for a particular project remains within that group making it easy for the people working on it to find out as per their needs and requirements. 

  • Orange Member:

The most significant part about Troop Messenger is that you can collaborate with members from your clients and vendors team in real-time by using the Orange Member feature of the software. By enabling the Orange Member feature, you can bring your business within a single platform. As an admin, you can create a group consisting of employees, customers, and vendors of other organizations along with your existing teams. The external members will be marked with an orange dot, which will appear at the bottom right of their profile picture. You as an Admin can set certain conditions or permissions to the Orange Members as per your needs and requirements.

  • Live Location Tracking:

If you are owning a business that needs a lot of traveling and your employees are constantly on the move Troop Messenger’s Live tracking feature is the best solution for your team. The live location tracking feature of the software allows your employees to share their actual locations with other members of the team in real-time. It enables the members to find out about each other’s whereabouts and plan out their field operation for the day. As an admin, you can track your employee’s whereabouts and give them orders accordingly. Further, the live location tracking system is time-based, live location sharing gets automatically canceled once the selected timer expires. 
troop messenger software

Final Words

Troop Messenger tries to facilitate real-time communication between the business heads and the active members within their teams. The software understands the importance of communication and the positive effects it can have on a team. Here hoping that the points discussed within the article have made a clear impression on your mind about the fact, why Troop Messenger is termed as a leading solution for effective online team collaboration & communication.  

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