Revolt RV400/300 Electric Bike Price in India, Mileage, Spec, Booking & Review

Revolt RV400/300 Electric Bike Overview: Hi guys welcome to the fox tech zone. As we already know Electric bikes become trending nowadays and the Indian government also supports and has a goal to change the normal fuel 150CC and below 150 CC bikes to the new electric bikes. So here in this post, we are going to know more about the latest Revolt Rv400 electric sports bike. Revolt rv400 is one of the most affordable electric motorcycles in India. There are many other electric sports bikes available in the market today but Revolt RV 400 is India’s first AI electric bike. Ok, let’s look at more details like the Revolt RV400 price in India, mileage details, and the complete specifications of this electric sports bike below so, state tune on and read the complete post before buying this bike.

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike review
Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

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About Revolt RV 400 Electric Sports Bike

Revolt Motors is India’s Next-Gen mobility company created for the Smart World which is founded by an Indian Businessman Rahul Sharma(Micromax Co-founder).  The complete design of Revolt RV400 is mixed with Street Fighter and a sports bike. It has advanced features and specification which is not available in other Electric bikes. The first and the best thing about this bike is the complete design it’s a completely Street Fighter look and they have made well designed electric sports bike.

Revolt RV 400 BIKE PRICE


In terms of appearance, the engine is fully covered up and you will get a neat and great look that combined with a slim LED headlight gives an awesome finish of a street fighter bike. The high-rising fuel tank area of the bike gives you the look of a normal fuel sports bike. The tile part of the bike also gives you new attire that stands out from the other sports bikes. As of now the revolt RV 400 is available in a red and black color combo which is pretty good. It comes with 7-spoke alloy wheels, a single suspension, and a huge belt drive socket. The seat height of the RV400 is pretty good which is 814 millimeters at the same time you will get a great ground clearance of 220 mm.  Ok now let’s look at more details like Revolt RV 400 price in India, mileage, design, and review.

Specifications of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike:

revolt rv 400 headlights
  • The best part of this bike is the battery because you don’t need to worry about the battery you can get unlimited battery refills and a warranty for 37 months. The Revolt RV 400 has a good design and It has a street fighter Outlook. The slim headlight and the back tail lights really stand out from The Other sports bikes.
  • Changing the engine/bike sounds is one of the best features of this revolt RV 400 bike. They provide 4 different types of sounds so you can change them at any time you can also drive the bike without any sound.
  • This Revolt RV 400 AI electric sports bike takes 4.5 hours to get the full battery charge and using that you can drive up to 150 KM(To achieve this you need to drive at the normal speed of 40 km).
  • The Top speed of the bike is 85 KMPH. It also provides 3 driving modes such as Eco mode, City Mode, and Sports Mode, and they also have 4th mode called Turbo mode but they didn’t enable it as of now.
  • Battery charging is one of the major parts of all-electric sports bikes. So Revolt RV400 provides you with 4 different ways to charge your batteries.
  1. On-Board Charging: you can directly charge the battery while it is inside the bike.
  2. Portable Charging: You can also remove the battery easily from the front and charge it in any place separately.
  3. Revolt Switch Stations: In this option, you can easily change the battery low battery in the nearby revolt switch stations. (They will implement this is featured in the upcoming years)
  4. SOS delivery: Using this feature you can get the fully charged battery by sending the SOS message. They will deliver the battery to your place.
  • Revolt RV 400 is India’s first AI Electric sports bike so the bike can easily modify itself by the user handling and usage. This AI feature will collect the data of your bike usage and make changes according to the data for that this bike has an in-build 4G SIM card. You can easily control the bike using the revolt mobile application.
  • RV 400 has a dual disc brake (240mm) with CBS and regenerative standard so when you use the brake that force will charge the battery. They also use MRF tiers for both wheels and both are tubeless tires.
Revolt RV 400 bike specs
  • This RV 400 will provide power that is compared to a 125cc fuel bike (Honda shine).
These are all the main specs of the Revolt RV400 electric sports bike now let’s look at the price and other details of this bike.
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Revolt RV400 Price and Mileage

For the first time in India, the Revolt released a plan-based price for their products. The MRP (My Revolt Plan) is a new way of selling products without any interest or other charges. Here in this way you need to choose one plan and you need to pay the amount for 37 months without any interest and you will own the bike after that. For those 37 months, you will get unlimited battery charging, unlimited battery switching, Zero service charges, free insurance for 37 months, and no need to pay any down payments.

MRP Details of Revolt Electric Bikes:

  1. RV 300 Models: 2999 per month (2999*37= 110,963).
  2. RV 400 Models: 3499 per month (3499*37= 1, 29,463).
  3. RV 400 (Premium): 3, 999 per month (3999* 1, 47,963).
revolt rv400 price MRP details

If you have any confusion just refer to the below image we have created a small calculation and comparison between normal fuel bike and RV 400 for 37 months. The cost difference is very high you will get more benefits than a fuel bike.

revolt RV 400 price details

Revolt RV 400 AI Features:

Using the 4G SIM card you can easily connect with the bike using the dedicated mobile application. Using this mobile app you can easily control the app and do many other things which are listed below.
  • Geo-Location- You can easily find your bike location using this feature and it will help you prevent stealing the bike.
  • Change motorcycle Sound- using the app you can change the bike sounds. It provides 4 different sound effects and you can also choose the no sound option.
  • Geo-Fence- Give some distance restrictions through the app so if the bike cross that distance it will automatically shut down the bike and start making the alarm.
  • Using this application you can easily on/off your bike from anywhere. You can also order the fully charged battery using this app.
These are all the main AI features as of now enabled in this RV 300/400 electric bike.

Revolt RV400 Mileage Details:

The RV 400 lithium-ion batteries are developed for Indian riders and it is certified as waterproof, shockproof, damage-proof, and weather-friendly according to the ARAI standards. The top speed of the bike is 80-85 km/h with incredible torque.
It will take up to 4.5 hours to charge the full battery and it will provide 150 km per charge. It is really worth it to use the fuel cost is getting increased and to decrease global warming we need to support this type of innovation.

Revolt RV 400 Booking Details:

The Booking is not started all over India. They initially started the plans in Delhi and Pune. So you can start the booking if you are in Delhi and Pune. They have planned to extend the booking to another part of the country before the end of 2020.
Now you can do the pre-booking on the revolt official website. Provide your address details and choose the MRP (My Revolt plan) to book your Revolt RV 300/400 Electric bike.

To Know More About Revolt RV400/300 Watch this Video:


These are the complete details of the Revolt RV 400 Electric bike. I hope this article will help you to know more about the bike. Please share it with your friends and family. Start supporting this type of environment-friendly smart gadget and save nature. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section we are always ready to provide you’re the best service. Thank you for your visit follow us for more latest tech updates and news.
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