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Prana Electric Sports Bike Overview: Hi friends happy to welcome you to our blog. I hope you are doing good. Here in this post, we are going to look at the first electric sports bike in India called “Prana”. Today everyone is planning to switch their traditional cars and bike to electric because of the fuel price and those traditional vehicles are not environmental friendly. There are lots of electric bikes already available in the market but they are not a sports bike type and not having many features. We know many foreign brands launching electric bikes but Prana is an Indian made bike and that is from south Tamilnadu. This bike is launched by SVM motors and which is found by an Ex-Tesla engineer(Mohanraj Ramaswamy). This bike is designed by Mohanraj and got approved recently. Prana was launched on OCT 27 2019(Dewali) but it is not started its sale. Okay, let’s look at more details about this bike and its features.
Prana Electric Bike
Prana Electric Bike

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About Prana Electric Sports Bike:

The motorbike called “PRANA” is going to be the first sports performance electric bike. There are many other similar bikes yet to come in 2020 but this one is the first from the start-up company. Here in this bike, they have used many advanced techniques to improvise the performance of the bike. It will be available on road only after May or June in 2020. Currently, they are working on the sales and service center establishments in many places. The lookS and design of the Prana bike are get inspired by the falcon bird. I personally get excited when I get to know the specification of this bike and I hope you will also get that after reading the complete post. The price detail of the Prana bike is not revealed yet but I guess it will be the cost of 300cc bike because it has those many advanced features. Okay now, let’s look at the complete specification of this Prana electric sports bike. 
srivaru prana bike

Specifications of Prana Electric Bike:

  • First of all, I want to tell you about the bike headlight it is similar to the falcon head with LED lights on both front and back tail part of the bike. I hope everyone will definitely like this design with attractive white light.
prana electric bike specs
  • Prana’s electric motor will produce more torque than the Honda CB300R.
  • This Bike is coming in the 3 variants those are Classic, Grand and Elite.
  • In this bike, you will get 4 driving modes like advanced cars(Practice, Driving, Sports and Reverse). 
  • You will reach 0-60 KM speed in 4 seconds. With 1litre petrol cost, you can get 500KM mileage.
  • The bike comes with tubeless CEAT Tyres with a size of 110/70(front) & 140/60(rear).
  • It has a wonderful braking system with a dual disc brake for the front wheel and a single disc brake for the rear wheel.
  • The main feature of this bike is the engine/motor which is placed directly in the rear wheel because of this idea it reaches the maximum torque in a short period of time.
  • It has a telescopic suspension for the front wheel and mono-shock absorber suspension for the back wheel so with this suspension you can easily manage in Indian roads.
  • Prana comes with a 72 Volt battery which is placed in the center part of the bike so you will not feel the weight of the bike. To get fully charged this battery will take up to 4 hours. 
  • The battery will only consume 5 Units of current for 1 full charge and the life cycle of the battery is 2000 times. 
  • It comes with a digital display indicator to show the battery level and bike speed which is similar to Yamaha and other sports bikes.
prana electric bike
  • The most common question about the electric bike is about charging the battery so here they have come up with an easy charging method. You can charge your bike in any place no need for charging stations or points. With a normal 15A 3 PIN socket, you can easily charge your bike.
These are all the major specifications of the Prana electric sports bike. Now let’s look at the performance details of the bike.
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Prana Electric Bike Performance Details:

As I already told this bike comes with 4 driving modes similar to advances cars. Details of those modes below.
prana electric bike price
P-Practice Mode: This mode is for new bikers and in this mode, you can only drive up-tp 40 KM speed maximum. The initial pickup of this bike is very high so you need to practice the bike with this mode initially. This will be very helpful for the new bike users and on the traffic roads.
D-Drive Mode: In this drive mode the bike will provide more acceleration so you can go up-to 120 KM speed maximum. 
S-Sports Mode: The difference between the drive and sports mode is acceleration only. In sports more, you will get more acceleration and you can reach 120KM top speed.
R- Reverse Mode: The unique feature of this bike is Reverse mode. This mode will be very helpful in parking places. In this reverse mode, the bike will move up-to 5KM speed.
These are driving modes in this Prana bike. Now the main thing we should know is mileage so I have listed those details below.

Prana Bike Mileage Details:

  • If you drive the bike on practice mode (45KM/hr speed) then you will get up-to 225KM mileage.
  • If you are using the drive/sports mode than you will get up-to 125 KM mileage.

Know More about Srivaru Motors- Prana Electric Bike:


These are all the main specifications and features of this Prana electric sports bike. We need to support this type of new Indian start-up company and try to switch your traditional fuel vehicles into electric vehicles to create a healthy environment. I hope this article will be very useful to you. Once the bike available for sale we provide the complete review about the bike so please follow us to get more tech updates and news. Thank you for your visit.
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