Review of Rice Vegan Leather by Asif Ali Gohar

Welcome to my blog today! I am so happy you are here to read my review of my rice leather jacket. The material is vegan leather that is created using rice! I am so excited to have another vegan option that feels so real and works for all of my clothing and accessories. 

For this review Asif Ali Gohar got two classic pieces. I have the leather biker jacket, and the waist purse. I got both in brown, because it is such a classic colour and it will go with anything at any event. I decided to do a quick review of the material, the stitching, and the style, as well as a review of the material itself. Today I am posting my review of the leather, and next week you can look forward to my opinion and take on the designer and the way the material was used. 

For those who are new, I am so glad that you are here today! This is my fashion blog where I try new products each season and post my reviews of them. I pay for most of the items myself, though with the love of my readers my blog has gathered some attention, and I am beginning to have offers from companies to review their products. Thank you so much for the support that brought me here! I will always acknowledge when I have been given a product, but my reviews will always remain fair and real. 

First up, I got this amazing leather jacket! It is cut like a biker’s jacket and it is so cute. I couldn’t wait to wear it and I kept it on for all my daily errands. I got compliments in many stores and especially when I stopped for my morning coffee. It offers a bit of warmth and definitely kept the morning chill at bay but wasn’t so heavy that I felt weighed down or got too hot later on. It is soft and moves easily as I go through my day, it never felt stiff or limited my movements at all. This leather is definitely able to pass for a quality leather, and if it lasts a few years then it will be well worth my investment.

Next, I wore a waist belt. I know that the fanny pack trend faded decades ago, but they are making a strong comeback now. And they should! It was so easy to have everything I needed right with me at all times. I didn’t have to dig around in my big bag or search the bottom of my purse, it keeps things organized and ready to go. The leather worked very well here too. It was flexible and didn’t get hot or sticky even when it was resting against my skin. I found it versatile, and it matched the jacket so well it was a great pairing for sure. 

If you are a vegan like me and want to protect the environment and avoid using animal products, then this rice leather is a great choice for you. When you try it out let me know in the comments what you think!