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VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting Which is Best?

VPS VS Shared Hosting: Are you looking for the best hosting server and you don’t know how to choose, here is the answer to your queries. Finding the right WordPress (WP) hosting is very difficult because it is very deep to comprehend. There are many types of hosting available and they are slightly different from one another. The most familiar inquiry is the difference between VPS and shared hosting.

VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting

Let us discuss VPS hosting and shared hosting separately and also we explain the advantages and drawbacks of both hostings. You can choose accordingly after reading it completely.

What is Shared hosting?

It is the most popular hosting server because it is cheap and you are using only part of the service storage space and resources, so your server provider affords you very little money. In shared hosting, you share your server resources with all other websites so that you can’t able to customize your resources like disk space, RAM, etc. If anyone's website got hacked or any spam occurs this will affect your server too. So that the security risk is greater than other hosting servers. 

Because of this shared hosting is cheap and it is not safe. But if you are a beginner this is the best choice and budget-friendly. It works well in low-traffic sites and you no need to worry about maintaining the resources. But if your website grows you need to choose other hosting servers like VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting. Here we discuss only how VPS differs from shared hosting

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

VPS is in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting with their aspects. VPS hosting shares physical servers with other websites. But it does not share resources with others. You have a separate virtual environment that differs from each other. You need to pay some more penny than shared hosting but the VPS plans will satisfy you. One of the best VPS service providers is BlueVPS and we suggest our readers use BlueVPS for quality VPS hosting. 

VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting How to Choose?

All type of hosting has its own merits and demerits. First, let us see about shared hosting.

Advantages of Shared hosting:

  • The main advantage is that it is cheap and purchase under budget. As a beginner, this is the best option because of the plans they provide.
  • The sever provider manages the site and resources, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading, maintenance, security, and some other things.
  • As you got trustworthy, your site will grow faster, and can see good results in low-traffic sites. 

Drawbacks of Shared hosting:

  • You cannot able to change the resources as your requirements like storage, RAM, disk space, and other features because you shared your resources with other sites. 
  • There is a high risk of safety problems for your site, if one site got any fault then all other connected sites get corrupted.
  • There is a chance of getting low bandwidth and slow down of your server when someone gets high traffic in your shared website.

Then now we see some advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting as it is somewhat similar to shared hosting as follows:

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • The cost is a little more extravagant than shared hosting but the plan is still cheaper with its aspects and this will convince the users.
  • You have a separate atmosphere in hosting, so your site will not get affected when other sites face any issues.
  • The safety of your website is high as compared with shared hosting.
  • You can able to alter your server resources to convince your requirement.
  • You can adjust the VPS plans of your resources by maximizing and minimizing if you want.  
  • Faster than shared hosting because you assigned more resources.

Drawbacks of VPS Hosting:

  • Expensive than a shared hosting server.
  • As you can customize your resources but there is a limit for RAM and storage.
  • If you want to maintain and manage your server then you surely need a technically knowledgeable person to handle it.
  • If you want more control and dedicated resources for your hosting atmosphere then VPS is best suited to shared hosting.

Brief Difference Between VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting:

Best suitable for the newcomer who maintains blogs and low-traffic websites. You are provided a space on the physical server which it shares with many other users, so the maintenance, upgrades are managed by the server hosting provider. But there is a security issue.

VPS hosting:

VPS is expensive but at the same time it is value for money and you will satisfy with some plans. . It is fast as compared to shared hosting because you have an individual environment and you can change the resources as you want. The security issues are minimized with VPS.

If you came to an idea of choosing VPS hosting then first you have to ask your present server provider about VPS plans because it was easy to switch from one hosting server to another server than a search for a new provider. If it fails then you have to look for a new server provider who is trustworthy and has good knowledge about WordPress (WP).


We have seen some benefits and drawbacks of both the hosting so make sure which is suits you. We did not say that VPS is best for all sites because there is also the best option than VPS. So if you are a beginner then go with shared hosting or if you have more traffic and you need more security, want to develop your site with some added features then go with VPS which fits you. Thank you.

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